NES has always applied the basic principle of the Quality Assurance for the company management and for the respect of the valuable environment. NES is certified ISO 9001 since 1995, while in 2010 has obtained RETIE and SELLICHA certifications.

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The document “Quality Policy” written and signed by the Management is presented to all the organization levels.
The company is committed to devote its resources, in a priority way, to:

  1. Add Quality and value to the products
  2. improve and optimize the activities of the Company to the best satisfaction of the Clients, through the suitability and performance of the products in conformity to the specified requirements and  the  punctuality in carrying out the order
  3. reduce the production costs
  4. involve the whole Company organization in the quality improvement process
  5. acknowledge the importance of the staff for the supply of Quality products
  6. evaluate and survey the suppliers with the aim of obtaining materials in accordance with the Company Quality Standards


To implement the Quality Policies the following actions are performed:

  • Definition of an Organization Chart and attribution of  individual responsibilities.
  • Continuous application of the Quality Assurance System
  • Training of the staff
  • Updating of the Process Control System



The Environment Policy defines and gives evidence to the commitment of  Nuova Elettromeccanica Sud S.p.A toward.:

  1. the maintenance of all the Standard requirements relevant to the environment;
  2. the constant and reasonable improvement of the environment efficiency;
  3. the internal and external communication.

The Environment Policy  is edited considering the  importance of the environment factors  and their most significant impacts defined during the initial analysis and subsequent evaluations.
The objectives and commitments included in the Environment Policy  shall consider the human ans financial resources available and be consistent with the Quality Policy of the Company.
The Environment Policy is communicated to all the Company staff and made available to the parts involved.
To allow a crystal clear and continuous diffusion, the Company edit the document in the most simple and clear way and recognizes the most suitable diffusion channels.
The Environment Policy is approved by the Management with the aim of encourage the staff to perform in accordance with the inherent principles and to dispose of a document for external communication.
In this way the new report Ambiente – Nuova Elettromeccanica Sud S.p.A. will be presented to all staff levels with the purpose to guarantee the effective implementation of the Environment Policy System.