Nes R&D activity includes the continuous improvement of the existing products, as well as, the design of new products, following the technological evolution of the overhead lines. Moreover, Nes R&D engineers, who have many years of experience in the field of transmission and distribution lines, are intensively involved in the after-sales assistance to the Clients providing, besides the scientific background of the solution proposed, all the practical information and training for the installation, service and maintenance of the products. Due to their remarkable expertise, Nes R&D engineers actively participate to the works of national and international technical committees.
One of the most prestigious sectors of activity is relevant to the conductor vibration control and vibration field measurements.

The extensive application of cables incorporating optical fibres on the transmission line have encouraged Nes R&D engineers to design and test a complete range of fittings for these specific application.
The expanded bundle technique adopted by some Countries to increase the power transmission capacity of the lines has been, duly analysed and suitable hardware and fittings have been successfully designed.
Moreover, NES engineers have developed and designed a complete range of fittings and damping system for high temperature low sag conductors with INVAR core.
Nes R&D department disposes of:

  • Computer programs for the calculation and optimization of structures, based on Finite Elements.
  • Computer programs for the prediction of vibration behaviour of overhead line conductors and bundles with and without additional damping
  • CAD programs for technical drawings
  • A comprehensive test laboratory equipped with test machines and apparatus designed to perform mechanical, electrical, thermal and vibration tests on the whole range of transmission line fittings.